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    We Buy Hoards

    If you have a hoard of coins that you have found, or maybe been purchased at auction or from a museum in the past with provenance? We could very well be interested in buying them, but please note as an ethical dealer that we are only interested in purchasing items under the following circumstances.

    1. If found in the UK the hoard must have been returned to you after being reported and inspected by the PAS. You must have appropriate paperwork, and provide us with written proof you are the legal owner/s.
    2. If you are looking to sell a hoard that was found outside of the UK, we will ONLY PURCHASE ETHICALLY. In simple terms it must not break the law in your country, and we will only conclude the transaction once we are satisfied that the correct approvals have been met.
    3. If you purchased the hoard previously maybe from a museum or collection and can supply provenance we would be happy to give you a price.
    4. Unfortunately we don’t buy single coins or artefacts! Sorry.

    Please do not contact us with hoards for sale unless they meet the legal requirements in your country, and you can prove ownership. Under no circumstances are we interested in buying coins from the Baltic Region as it is leading to the unethical looting of the region.


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      Crusty Romans, Lancaster Court, 8 Barnes Wallis Road, Fareham PO15 5TU, UK.

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      (+44) 0370 490 0000

      (Monday - Friday ~ 10AM - 5PM GMT)

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      Please arrange an appointment before visiting.

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