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    This is an absolutely lovely late Roman hoard; if you are looking for almost entirely premium condition coins then this is the one for you. All the coins have a lovely patina and as you can see virtually every coin already shows wonderful detail prior to cleaning. This hoard has been extremely well preserved as a lot of late Roman coins did not last the test of time very well due to the thickness of the coins and often unfavourable ground conditions.

    In honesty most of the coins will need no cleaning at all, or only very minor cleaning. Certainly I would recommend nothing more than distilled water on most of these or simply a bit of wax. Getting uncleaned premiums like this is almost impossible as they are so strong condition wise any normal dealer would simply sell them separately as they will be worth a lot more money.

    Have a look at the few coins that have simply had wax put on them, these took literally two minutes to do and have not even been in distilled water. These will be great fun to clean and attribute.

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    Roughly you will get around 510-540 coins per kilo

    Happy hunting

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