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    This hoard is fantastic, it is the best one we have seen in a very long time. Probably since we had the fantastic Jupiter hoard a year or two ago. It has a great mix of larger Roman coins as well as some great looking Greek coins. Even uncleaned a lot of these coins would rate as being in fine condition. Without question this hoard is a true treasure trove, we can only imagine what treasures are to be found in here. Everything in here has a lot of potential value wise and everything in here will be really interesting to clean. A few nice Rings and artefacts can also to be found in this hoard. Most of these coins are either very early, or extremely interesting Greek or Large Roman coins. Many of them have fantastic detail prior to cleaning. There are no small thin coins in this hoard everything in here will prove to be collectable after cleaning.

    Also you will see we have taken a picture of some of the crustier coins that are still stuck together in different sizes and clumps. This is a great indication that these coins have been together for a long period of time. These mineralised clumps of coins are often found at the very bottom of a hoard are very collectable in there own right.

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    This hoard is only around 12KG it is truly fascinating and will definitely prove to be some of the best uncleaned coins that you ever get the opportunity to buy. Very pleased that we have the opportunity to list these coins.

    Happy hunting.

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