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    Naevia is a nice 17.5Kg hoard of coins; it is made up from a good selection of early Roman and Greek coins. We are fortunate that this hoard is pretty good in terms of size and weight. It almost exclusively comprises of very large chunky Roman coins that average around 25-30mm, and a mix of ancient Greek coins that are about 15mm in diameter and nice and thick.

    Most of the coins seem to be intact with very few chipped or broken ones. The coins offer great prospecting opportunities, as they are such early coins. I would imagine that after cleaning they will turn out to be a variety of early classical Greek and Colonial Roman coins. Some of the Roman coins are marked “SC” or "senatus consulto," or "by the decree of the Senate so are probably colonial or provincial coins.

    These large early coins are becoming very hard to get these days, and with a great percentage of Greek coins mixed in, this hoard certainly should prove to be very interesting when cleaned.

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    We estimate that a 1/2 KG order will contain 80 ~ 85 coins.

    Happy Hunting

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