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    Here is a lovely hoard of almost exclusively very large, mainly Roman Colonial and provincial coins. Hoards like this are extremely nice and very seldom come up, in fact it is only the second one I can remember us having in the last ten or so years. Many people prefer the earlier and larger coins to those of the more mixed hoards. It offers a rare but very interesting opportunity to acquire some early coins for cleaning and attributing. I think Minerva will offer a very fascinating look into the past and make for some great cleaning as a lot of them are already showing some nice detail. If you like cleaning larger and mainly Roman Colonial coins this is definitely the one for you.

    I would imagine this hoard has some great prospecting opportunities along with good investment opportunities longer term. Around ten years ago there were a lot of the larger Roman uncleaned coins coming for sale, but as time passes, they get ever more difficult to find, and most dealers break them up and generally sell them individually, or in expensive counted lots. This is one of those “must have” hoards that five years down the line you will wish you had the opportunity to buy more of. We often get asked for Hoards like this, made up of almost exclusively larger Roman coins so don’t miss your opportunity to get a piece of it.

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    This Hoard weighs in at just under 5.5Kg, it is another one of those hoards that you wished you had a bit more of “but they don’t make them any more”. But it is our pleasure to be able to offer this for sale.

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