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    This 22KG is an absolutely wonderful Roman Hoard, it really does have everything in it that collectors or enthusiasts like. It is probably the best Roman hoard that we have ever had for a number of reasons. Firstly it has a lot of noticeable Roman Silver coins in it. While taking the photographs I would say that well over 40 of these silver coins were visible with a good few more that were completely Black that were also probably silver or silver. Also this hoard has a great balance between smaller and larger coins. As you can see from the pictures there is a lot of the very desirable larger Roman coins in here with a lot of them marked with "SC" on the reverse. There are some really nice sized "Roman Follis" I would say they are at least 20mm in size. In terms of cleaning, the balance here is perfect you have a lot of the coins already showing a bit of the intriguing detail yet crusty enough to keep you guessing at what you might find. They certainly don’t tend to come up like this very often it is one of those hoards that people will probably be talking to us about for several years as they continue to discover interesting and historical pieces. Another interesting point is that this hoard has virtually no hoard finds other than coins so it was certainly just a coin cache in ancient times. Altogether a great opportunity to have a lot of prospecting and attribution fun with this hoard.

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    Happy hunting.

    As a guide, a typical 1/8KG order may contain between 35 ~ 45 coins. Please note however this will vary depending on the size of the coins that are in your order.

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