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    Here is a nice and early hoard of larger Roman coins mixed in with some chunky early Greek ones. It is the cheapest hoard like this we have been able to offer in recent years as we managed to negotiate a favourable purchase price on it. There are none of the later Roman small coins in this hoard. It is a nice early hoard of coins!

    These kinds of hoards can be very rewarding as they are fairly crusty coins but contain a lot of the rarer earlier Roman and Greek coins. Greek coins are far more sought after than Roman as the upside can generally be a lot higher value wise.

    On the Greek side, there appears to be some nice BC coins in here depicted by the ancient Gods that are visible on them. You can see the odd coin with Zeus on, or the fork of Poseidon, as well as Nike and Pegasus, as well as pictures of Crabs and Horses.

    On the Roman side I noticed a few large coins on with SC on so these coins are also more likely BC, or maybe just AD.

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    More Information

    These should be a nice mixed bunch to clean up and realistically there could be almost anything in here or early Greek or Roman origin.

    Happy Hunting

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