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    If you are after nothing but very large Roman coins then this is the hoard for you! These hoards of larger Roman coins are getting very difficult to obtain these days and the prices of them have generally been moving steadily up as supply has wakened and demand has strengthened.

    Here we have around 8Kg of almost exclusively large Roman coins. Detail wise they range from extremely crusty to some showing some good detail.

    Interestingly enough on some of them you can feel relief despite them appearing to be quite heavily crusted.

    As you can see from the pictures these really are larger Roman coins, should prove to be a lot of fun cleaning and attributing.

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    More Information

    Minimum order weight has been increased because of the size of the coins being so large. Approximate order weights will be around the following in terms of coins.

    • 14 coins 125g
    • 28 coins 250g
    • 56 coins 500g
    • 112 coins kg

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