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    Quick Overview

    This is a better than average hoard from Jerusalem as it has a good amount of coins that already have some detail showing. These hoards historically are some of most interesting and varied around. Apart from some interesting coins this hoard has a variety of interesting hoard artefact’s including some Rings and Arrows along with some other curious objects. There also seems to be a few silver coins in here but they are mainly Islamic by the looks of it.

    Coin wise it shows some nice Greek, Roman, Seleucid, Islamic and Byzantine that is characteristic for coins that were traded in the centre of the 'ancient world'.

    From previous experience these hoards can yield very rare coins that were often traded in the Holyland. The ground conditions in the region are favourable for preservation although it should be noted that some of the coins in the region were in circulation for very long periods of time.

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    More Information

    These coins will be a lot of fun to clean and attribute!

    We estimate around 110 coins in a 1/4 KG order.

    Happy Hunting.

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