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    This is a great hoard of around 90+% Ancient Classical Greek coins, with a sprinkle of Roman and Byzantine by the looks of it. Everyone loves Greek classical coins, they are so beautiful, collectable, valuable and generally far more sought after than most other coinage of the time. These are all real nice thick and chunky coins that will be extremely exciting to clean up. Although crusty enough to offer almost a complete surprise of what lies beneath you can see some beautiful classical detail on some of them with Gods, as well as Horses, Pegasus, Griffins, Poseidon, and great looking Eagles. This hoard offers extremely good prospecting opportunities to potentially uncover some rare and exciting coins after being cleaned. As a guess I would say that the majority of them are very early at around 2-300 BC. Also the few noticeable Roman coins in here seem to also be nice early examples generally. I am sure these will be a very rewarding investment of both time and money as you clean them, not to mention the history and mythology coming to life right in your hands. Typically these early coins tend to clean up very well, as the base metal was very high quality to start with.

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    Less than 7Kg available and it will sell fast! Just take a look at the prices of some of these coins when cleaned.

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