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    Really fascinating, but it takes TIME! Review by Jon in Cheltenham
    I bought around sixty coins. After the initial soak and brush-up I could see some details, but I can't stress enough that this is a long term hobby. They've been sitting, some in deionised water, some in olive oil, for several months, and keep on getting better. I generally work through a batch every two weeks or so, scraping more of the crud off, revealing more detail. My current favourites:
    1. a big, very worn As issued by Tiberius in 31-37AD -- as the hoard seems to have been buried around the time of Constantine II (337 to 340 AD) this coin was in circulation for 300 years!
    2. an Aes issued by Licinius in around 315 AD. After some cleaning, I realised that someone in antiquity had hammered a hole through it to make it into a pendant. The obverse was worn down, but the reverse, an image of Jupiter was crisp, so I suppose that the coin/pendant was worn for some years with Jupiter facing outwards and the emperor's head against the skin. A lovely bit of human detail. I'm going to give it to my daughter -- a unique present. I can be sure that no one has worn this pendant for 1700 years! (Posted on 17/12/2016)
    Exceeded Expectations Review by Greg
    I'm new to collecting ancient coins. I went with Crusty Romans because of all the positive things I've read about them on the coin forums. I went with the Sophia hoard because they were advertised as generally being above average for what they normally see, and because the price was so low. Figured this would be a good place to start with uncleaned coins. Since I am new to uncleaned coins, I can't really compare them to whatever "above average" is. I can say this: after just a couple days soaking the coins in distilled water, and hitting them with a toothbrush, I see nice detail on the majority of the coins. On most of the heavily encrusted coins, I can feel a legend or portrait underneath. I really didn't expect this much detail on so many coins so early. I can't imagine how they will look 3 months to a year from now. I say the Sophia hoard is an excellent, cheap way to get into the ancients for a beginner, and for anyone else looking for a wide variety of nice roman coins. (Posted on 10/05/2016)
    First Buy from here Review by Alec Graham
    Received my purchase next day, opened the package and looked through the pile of coins first one to catch my eye was a silver coin, Nice one, definitely not a count out. Ethical. Started sorting and cleaning, with every day passing now I very impressed with purchase, with the result of the cleaning. Will be looking to buy from here again. Recommend to other collectors. (Posted on 08/04/2016)

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