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    Great selection of Greeks with a few very nice Romans Review by Michael
    I am very happy with my 1/2 kilo purchase. At first glance the coins appeared to have excessive wear, but after 24 hours in distilled water the detail began to show very well. About 1/3 of the coins have a good coating of thick patina/crust, so it will be a while before I can comment on those. The others are cleaning up easily, and I have found some extremely beautiful and valuable coins. One in particular is a Phillip II Olympic coin that is the largest I have ever seen at 37.5 mm. Similar coins that are in much worse shape sell for $400 to $500 on ebay, and this one is much better. It's a bit uncommon, because Phillip is facing left. There are Greek coins in this hoard from many locations, and also 4 very nice large Romans were in the lot. I am very pleased, and as they continue to soak I will be making more nice discoveries as time goes on. If you like Greek coins, this is the hoard to buy from. If the coins you receive are half as good as what I got, it would still be a good value. I believe at this point, that less than 5% of the coins will be culls. (Posted on 29/10/2014)
    Like Ancient Greek coins? Buy these! Review by Lou
    I have only gone thru about an 1/8 of a Kilo from my recent order. After a couple of days in distilled water I was amazed at the variety and overall condition of these coins. There are also quite a few provincials in my lot. I would guess that the average period in my lot is from around 250 BC to 50 BC, with some outlyers of course. I have been a serious collector of ancients for only about 5 years; but these are the best deal on dirty Greeks I have ever purchased. Thank you, thank you!! (Posted on 29/10/2014)

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