Please take time to purchase ethically! Here are the regulations that we abide by in the UK.

A UK export licence is required to export any archaeological artefact found in UK soil.

We actually go one step further by asking for a copy of the PAS paperwork prior to purchasing any UK hoards. Then we apply for a UK export licence if required. It means a slight delay in purchasing these orders for non-UK customers but this is well worth it, as it reinforces your ethical purchase. We will let you know when browsing the site if your order is likely to be subject to this delay as the UK is the original country of origin.

Where the archaeological artefact has not been found in UK soil but is located in the UK, an EU licence is required to export it outside the EU.

However, numismatic items of a standard type as well as other objects, which possess no "special features" and are less than £65k in value, are excluded from the above requirement.  This is because the UK has exercised its discretion to exclude them under Article 2(2) of the Regulation on the Export of Cultural Goods (EC 116/2009). These and other items can be exported under the Open General Export Licence.

We hold copies of all of our export approvals for our purchases in our office. We actively encourage customers to visit and inspect them. All orders come with a certificate of authenticity, along with a genuine lifetime guarantee.

When shipping outside of the UK we apply for official export licences, in doing so we have to provide pictures of every purchase. As well as copies of our invoices and provenance for the items no matter what the value is. This will add on another 10 working days or so to your order time, but it means that your order is completely above board and has been ethically obtained and sold. And if you should find something value in your lot after cleaning it means that you can sell it in the knowledge that it has approval and provenance from the country of origin.