There are a number of different coins for sale and you can buy them from a variety of websites, online action sites like ebay or collectors forums. We don’t sell any coins singularly as we specialise in uncleaned coins mainly aimed an hobbyists, collectors, and dealers. We always try to have the largest selection of ethically obtained uncleaned coins for sale on the internet. Typically we try to hold an inventory of around 100+KG of uncleaned coins in stock from various hoards that we are able to purchase. But like any commodity that is no longer produced we do often have patches where we have no coins for sale. The condition, age, and potential value of coins for sale does vary from hoard to hoard, they are buried in different regions and at different times and ground conditions.

Recently there have been a large number of Eastern found European late roman coins that have been for sale all over the internet and ebay. You will never see these kinds of coins for sale in our inventory for a number of reasons. Firstly they are unethically obtained, they come with no approvals of any kind and no accurate description of origin or location. All of these lots have been picked despite adverts saying they are unsorted, unpicked etc. The process appears to be sort them, pick them, count them, sell them. You can tell this as typically when you buy an unpicked hoard it comes with broken coins in, jewellery, often a bit of Silver and a range of other interesting artefacts that were buried with it. These European lots are just counted out very low grade, hard to clean late roman bronze coins, that are next to worthless even when you are lucky enough to find one in mint condition. Also alarmingly, if you have a look on the internet people often find modern fakes of ancient coins in them or modern discs completely covered in fake crust. So we have a policy never to buy anything from Eastern Europe as it would undoubtedly have reputational and legal consequences as well as not offer a fair deal for our collectors.

Sometimes you do see coins for sale that are ancient fakes, and they do come up in uncleaned hoards. Just like today enterprising people decided to try and make money by counterfeiting coins. But unlike their eastern European modern counterparts they can often be fairy valuable and collectable and are thousands of years old.