Here are a few things to look out for when you see coins for sale on ebay. Firstly the vast majority of them are the late Roman, unethical, next to worthless counted picked lots, from Eastern Europe. No doubt they can be cheaply purchased, but almost inevitably they will end up being frustrating and disappointing. Whole coins generally means "complete picked through crap" . Also when you look closely at the pictures of them for sale, you always see a couple of cleaned coins showing good detail on put nicely on top of the actual crap coins you will be buying. If you have a good look at a lot of the “coins for sale” adverts for uncleaned coins a lot of them have actually been cleaned and given up on, then being sold again as uncleaned. Now if the coin is not cleanable it is a cull not an opportunity to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. If they have tried and failed to clean them, then what do you think your odds are like?. My personal favourite quote from coins for sale adverts is "Gold coins found". It never happens ever!. Gold comes out the ground exactly as it goes in, shiny and gold coloured. Whoever digs coins up would spot it in a heart beat there is no way on earth you would ever find gold coins, and more so in the counted, sorted, picked and double picked Eastern European lots. If you ever see these kinds of adverts, just laugh and take your business elsewhere.