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    Helios is mainly made up of larger and thicker Roman Provincial coins. It will offer a fascinating look into collecting these wonderful coins. Many of them adorn wonderful images including, Battles, and Forts etc.

    This hoard measures in at around 18Kg, everyone recognises purchasing larger uncleaned Roman coins has become increasingly more difficult over the last few years. The price and, and collectability of these kind of larger coins rise steadily in excess of their smaller counterparts.

    A lot of these already offer some tantalising detail before cleaning and could probably be considered as an increasingly rare opportunity to purchase such coins. Generally in size they are at last the size of a Roman follis but with a great thickness to them as well that comes with these nice early coins.

    Cleaning wise we imagine that generally results should be quite good as a lot of them show some detail already and the alloy and thickness of these early coins lends itself well to the preservation of time. It should however be noted though that these kinds of coins were often circulated for centuries so although they might clean up well could have been worn through period use.

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    Please note that the majority of these coins are large thick coins, so coin quantities may be lower than our other hoards. We estimated that a 1/8KG order would have 19 coins.

    Happy hunting!

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