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    Apart from having to pay a 'kings ransom' for this hoard because of the quality and the fact it has some silver in it, it is everything that we had hoped for. Without question this is the very best late Roman hoard that we have EVER had. A far higher percentage of the coins than normal carry good starting detail, some are unquestionable premium in terms of uncleaned quality. A great deal of these coins will require very little cleaning, if at all in some cases. And you certainly get the feeling that even the crustier ones should also clean up given a little patience.

    There is also a few visible silver and silvered coins to be found in here, that just add to the excitement. It is a very rare thing to see late Roman hoards come up that are so nice off the bat. Not sure if we will ever get another one that is so nice, if you like cleaning more premium quality later Roman coins then this is the one for you.

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    Please note - the majority of these coins already show great detail before cleaning so please think carefully before using any abrasive cleaning methods.

    Happy Hunting.

    We estimate that a 1/4KG will contain 100 coins.

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