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    Every now and then you get to see some absolutely lovely coins, and these are them. The pictures don’t really do them justice but the vast majority of these premium coins will need very little cleaning, and in fact most of them will look pleasing and be attributable with little more than a quick soak in distilled water or some Renwax put on them.

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    They are very close to being some of the nicest coins that we have ever had for sale detail wise. Most of them are Roman but there is the odd Greek and Byzantine coin mixed in. There is also the odd Follis and silver coin mixed in as well.

    I really don’t think you will find better premiums by weight anywhere. These are really interesting coins on the whole with terrific detail, and almost all of them will be attributable.

    Also a fascinating mix and variety of coins here that will make attribution really interesting. Just take a look at the price these days of individually purchased premium coins for cleaning and then you will see just what good value these are to buy.
    360-400 coins per Kg as a rough guide.

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