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    This is one of those hoards that you will wish you bought more of. We can honestly say it is one of the most interesting ones we have seen in the last five years. It has a wide and varied range of interesting coins in it that are in lovely uncleaned condition. It has a range of Roman coins including Radiates, Denarii, interesting Follis as well as the odd provincial mixed in with a good amount of silver Roman coins. It also has an interesting mix of Byzantine and Greek coins, including a lot of examples that we have never seen before as well as some Judean coins. Our gut feeling is that there could be some really exciting and rare coins in here, and the condition of these coins are really good. We would say that the vast majority of these coins are also premium uncleaned coins condition wise with a lot of them requiring not a lot more than a bit of wax to bring the natural beauty out before attributing them.

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    Happy Hunting.

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