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    1. Moneta (Cleaned)

      Moneta (Cleaned)

      This is a large collection of wonderfully cleaned ancient Roman and Byzantine rings. It is not normally the kind of thing we sell, but when we were offered them they were just to nice to pass up.

      Most of the rings are made of Bronze with the odd Silver or Pewter ones, they range from being elaborately decorated to some with more simple designs. Some of them are "keyrings" if you ever wondered where the keyring originated from, literally it was an ancient ring with a key on it.

      Size wise they really do range, there are some small enough to fit on a child's finger and some large enough for a modern day man. Almost all the rings are complete a few seem to have a split in the actual ring as an ancient design feature to make them adjustable.

      These are really fascinating and cleaned to a very nice standard, would make great display pieces. They are a great price considering the great detail on most of them and the fact they have been cleaned very sympathetically.

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    2. Gallio (Cleaned)

      Gallio (Cleaned)

      These ancient Roman arrows are fantastic, they have all been sympathetically and professionally cleaned by an enthusiastic collector. They must of taken many many hours to clean so nicely yet a lot of them retain a wonderful patina.

      They range in size from about 1.5cm to some that are about 8cm long, on average they are probably around 2-4 cm each in length. These are very varied as some of them have holes in them where they would have been filled with poison, others are barbed, some have just two raised edges while others have three or four.

      These will make a fantastic display piece or accompaniment to any ancient coin collection.

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    2 Item(s)