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    Ethical Regulations

    26 Feb 2014 16:41:00

    Please take time to purchase ethically! Here are the regulations that we abide by in the UK.

    A UK export licence is required to export any archaeological artefact found in UK soil.

    We actually go one step further by asking for a copy of the PAS paperwork prior to purchasing any UK hoards. Then we apply for a UK export licence if required. It means a slight delay in purchasing these orders for non-UK customers but this is well worth it, as it reinforces your ethical purchase. We will let you know when browsing the site if your order is likely to be subject to this delay as the UK is the original country of origin.

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    In some regions of the world it is strictly illegal to try and sell coins or any types of antiquities, often these have been looted at night from historical areas without the landowners consent and against the law. This is particularly a large problem in the Roman Baltic regions. We are always staggered by the amounts of people contacting us from this region trying to sell coins. Being an ethical supplier we always refuse to purchase them, but they continue run the gauntlet knowing they could go to prison. Despite this the unethical and illegal trade in coins and antiquities from this region can be readily seen all over the Internet.

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    How are Hoards found?

    22 Feb 2014 12:19:22

    It really does depend, and can vary from region to region. Often Hoards can be found in old springs, water holes or oasis areas in arid countries. They were often safely hidden before the invention of Banks but unfortunately the owners never returned.

    In Europe Hoards are often found with Metal Detectors, as an example in the UK there are hoards found every year by enthusiasts. These are then reported to the local “Finds Liaison Officer” .It is then decided if they will be purchased by a Museum or returned to the finder and land owner to keep. At this point if they are returned to the finders they generally need to pay the landowner half of the value so get offered for general sale.

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    Coins for sale on eBay

    13 Mar 2013 09:56:00

    Here are a few things to look out for when you see coins for sale on ebay. Firstly the vast majority of them are the late Roman, unethical, next to worthless counted picked lots, from Eastern Europe. No doubt they can be cheaply purchased, but almost inevitably they will end up being frustrating and disappointing. Whole coins generally means "complete picked through crap" . Also when you look closely at the pictures of them for sale, you always see a couple of cleaned coins showing good detail on put nicely on top of the actual crap coins you will be buying.

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    Coins for sale

    9 Mar 2013 11:50:53

    There are a number of different coins for sale and you can buy them from a variety of websites, online action sites like ebay or collectors forums. We don’t sell any coins singularly as we specialise in uncleaned coins mainly aimed an hobbyists, collectors, and dealers. We always try to have the largest selection of ethically obtained uncleaned coins for sale on the internet. Typically we try to hold an inventory of around 100+KG of uncleaned coins in stock from various hoards that we are able to purchase. But like any commodity that is no longer produced we do often have patches where we have no coins for sale. The condition, age, and potential value of coins for sale does vary from hoard to hoard, they are buried in different regions and at different times and ground conditions.

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    Old Coins

    1 Mar 2013 16:51:00

    Collecting old coins is a fantastic and often very interesting hobby. Firstly you need to decide exactly what type of old coins that you would like to collect and the reasons for it. For example are you looking to collect Roman, Greek, Byzantine or just something that is out of circulation in your country?

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