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    This is the best hoard that we have seen in quite some time for a number of reasons. As it is from central Europe it has a great mix of coins in it. I would say that around 90% are Roman including some provincials with the remainder being Greek.

    In terms of a breakdown of this hoard it has a healthy concentration of larger coins with a lot of them showing some promising detail. A lot of the smaller coins here are approaching premium uncleaned condition with a good amount of detail already showing. I would say that a well over average amount of these smaller coins would clean up. After running a handful under the tap you could see promising details on well over half of them as the top layers of dirt rinsed off.

    This hoard has one of the highest concentrations of Roman Silver coins, or Silver washed coins in it that I can ever remember seeing. They are mainly Roman, but I did also notice a few Greek ones so it is quite unusual in that regard as Greek Silver coins can be fairly valuable.

    My overall impression of this hoard is very good for cleaning; it has a good variety of coins in a range of sizes in over average condition. The added benefit of the higher amounts of Roman silver coins is especially pleasing. It should prove to be very interesting to clean, with some of the coins starting to show detail with just a rinse in water.

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    Please note that we would recommend sympathetic cleaning with this hoard due to the good quality of detail that is already shown.

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