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    This is without question one of the nicest hoards that we have ever had the pleasure of offering for sale. This complete hoard of 99 Alexander the Great coins are from around 300BC and were originally from a long-standing German collection. They all show fantastic detail even in their current state, and share a wonderful patina.

    Owning this hoard of coins is a very rare opportunity, and I can say with almost complete certainty there will never be another opportunity to purchase such a historic and lovely hoard of Greek coins.

    The obverse of the coins has a few different designs on including Horses, Bows, and other designs. These can be very sought after and rare coins and after attribution and carful cleaning (if you really want to) will be a great investment.

    We normally sell hoards broken down by weight but on this occasion we can only offer the complete hoard for sale, as it would be too much of a shame to split it. It is priced very conservatively for such a wonderful hoard of coins in such strong condition.

    A real once in a lifetime purchase!!! Complete hoard of coins £2500.

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