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    1. Happy Hunting!

      Happy Hunting!

      Cleaning, Collecting and Attributing by Sebastian Fellows

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      Happy Hunting is the definitive book for anyone interested in cleaning, collecting and attributing coins. This full colour, 54 page book is loaded with practical information and cleaning methods not found on the internet, as well as attribution sections for Roman, Greek and Byzantine coins.

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    2. Digital Scales

      Digital Scales

      These scales are essential for determining weights and purities of coins. Commonly when attributed coins are sold, part of the process of ensuring they are genuine relates to the weight. These scales are accurate to 0.1 of a gram.

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    3. Magnifying Loupe

      Magnifying Loupe

      This magnifying loupe is ideal for viewing and attributing coins, offering 45x magnification through the 21mm lens. It has two LED's that provide sufficient light whilst viewing, coloured in either white or UV. Included is a handy case and batteries.

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    4. Coin Collector's Bags

      Coin Collector's Bags

      These handsome drawstring bags come in three different sizes for keeping your coins stored together and safe.

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    4 Item(s)