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    About Us

    Crusty Romans was started as a Hobby, after always having a love for History and Metal Detecting I had a passion for cleaning up the finds.

    I purchased several lots of coins from the internet and Ebay to find that they just contained the very poorest quality Late Roman coins. I found this very frustrating and often just a waste of time and money.

    With a number of visits to the Middle East and Europe, we were able to build up a good number of reputable suppliers over the last five or so years. Initially we just purchased these Hoards to clean ourselves for a bit of fun, and I got to the point that I personally had enough to clean for this lifetime, and the next even without attributing them. Because the quality was so good, people kept asking if they could buy some. So now instead of stock piling them it seemed like a good idea to let other people buy them and have the same opportunities of more interesting and valuable finds.

    All our suppliers know that we are able to purchase complete Hoards fast, and that we will pay over the normal rates for them providing they have been un picked. So many of our suppliers give us first refusal on purchasing Hoards in Bulk. We know what to look for in uncleaned Hoards, typically they will always contain Silver coins as well as easily identifiable Seleucid coins and the very distinctive Ptolemy coins. In picked Hoards these are the first to go as they are so easily identified and valuable. As our customers will confirm absolutely nothing is taken out, this is why we sell by weight.

    All of our Hoards are purchased ethically with appropriate export approval from the country of origin. We aim to ship orders within two working days by tracked delivery methods. We are based in the South of England, feel free to give us a call or pop in and see us. If you want to buy coins will be happy to show you what is currently available and you will be able to randomly select your own lot.

    Please read the cleaning guides on the site to get the best from your purchase, we are afraid we are not able to help in any useful depth with attribution. Our interests are just in cleaning coins as a hobby rather than attribution or valuations. But there are some great forums on the internet for this.